2014 General Election Live Results

November 4, 2014

Monroe County, West Virginia


Polls are now closed.


The West Virginia Legislature has passed new legislation that prohibits election officials from releasing precinct-by-precinct results on Election Night at the Central Counting Center. This legislation was passed because one could determine how someone voted during the Canvass Proceedings if just one provisional ballot was cast in this precinct.


Effective with the November 4, 2014 General Election, we will be releasing election results after every third precinct we receive. For example, when the first three precincts come in, we will advise you of the names of the three precincts and will say "Three of 18 precincts reporting." When the next three precincts come in, we will again advise you of the names of these three precincts and the totals we read out will include any precinct that has already been tallied in addition to the three we have at hand. This new procedure is going to give you a cumulative report. After proceedings at the Central Counting Center are complete, results will be posted and after Canvass Proceedings, which begin on November 10th, we can release precinct-by-precinct results.


Thank you for your cooperation and please understand this change was implemented to protect the privacy of the voter.


Report Precincts Included Availability
1 12, 5, 13 Report 1
2 7, 22, 3 Report 2
3 16, 33, 32 Report 3
4 23, 29, 18 Report 4
5 34, 8, 19 Report 5
6 1, 30, 31 Final Report


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